Student learning, well-being, achievement and progress are the main concern of our management. They bridge the gap between the community and the school board.

mr. Om Prakash Rathore


Smt. Kamlesh Rathore


Dr. Sanjeev Rathore

Managing Director

Mr. Rajeev Rathore

Special Educator/ Counsellor

mr. om prakash rathore

Shri. Omprakash Rathore Ji, the Chairman of the school and Ex-serviceman is known for his tireless efforts to promote Ahlcon Heights’s philosophy of promoting moral conduct blended with a scientific approach.
Shri Omprakash Rathore who has been associated with armed forces for 20 yr, champions the cause of quality education. His thrust has always been on providing the best to the children in Ahlcon Heights international school. He is extremely passionate and deeply involved in the Reformation that is taking place in the Indian System of Education.
His optimist perfection in ethics and values has been a source of constant support and motivation for Ahlcon Heights. He strongly believes that the inner search, faith in one’s inherent goodness, determination to overcome one’s negative emotions and discipline will imbue the spiritual awakening.



Shrimati Kamlesh Rathore


“If you are planning for a year, sow rice
If you are planning for a decade, plant trees
If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people…”
Srimati Kamlesh Rathore believes in Gyan
has been fundamental to India’s position in
the world today, as always. Her main concern
has always been the development of the
overall harmonious growth of the child.
She is totally committed to the cause of
providing every child holistic and quality
education for excellent all round development.



Dr. sanjeev RATHORE


Dr. Sanjeev Rathore holds a Doctorate in philosophy
in commerce, an eminent educationist, a visionary
and a guide, dreamt of a society of intellectuals.
He remained committed to this throughout his life.
His vision continues to guide and motivate students.
This is the underlying philosophy behind our endeavor.
He makes a very honest and sincere endeavor to
impart education for the all-round development
of students i.e. physical, emotional, spiritual and
intellectual in a congenial atmosphere under the
guidance of a competent, vigilant, aware and
highly qualified team to steer the institutes
to the pinnacle of success.



Mr. rajeev RATHORE

Mr. Rajeev Rathore, our special educator/counsellor, is an optimistic person and believes in the best in people.
His ambition as a school counselor/special educator is to
help each student work to their potential and also to assist
parents and teachers in achieving this goal.  His qualification
in human psychology has provided him with success in
helping students to identify and change their way of
thinking and beliefs. Besides, he has assisted students
to be aware of automatic thoughts and have implemented
behavioral techniques and cognitive modification. He
feels that structured, directive sessions and implementing
a variety of techniques, including journal writing and
art therapy, have produced positive results and have
opened lines of communication.